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Dangerous Magic: RELEASE DAY!

 Finally, the day I've been waiting for!  It seems  seems like I've been waiting forever for DANGEROUS MAGIC: A PRIDE AND PREJUDICE to come out. I wrote this novel last year, during lockdown, and I wanted to escape to a kingdom far, far away.  What better place to escape to than Jane Austen's England -- don't we all love to go there? -- except that this Regency world has the added element of magic. As you can see on the book cover, I have a golden coach at the top. It's a symbol of her journey away from the comfort of Longbourn and to a new life that is full of challenges, opportunities and -- danger.  One upon a time, a young lady -- Elizabeth Bennet -- was forced to marry a powerful magician. Since it is a truth universally acknowledged that all powerful magicians in England are in possession of a fortune, that should have been reason for celebration. but Elizabeth Bennet did not like to be forced to do anything. Moreover, Mr. Darcy was most definitely not in ne

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