The Darcy Cousins

A Tale of Georgiana Darcy and Her Cousins

In Pride and Prejudice Georgiana Darcy is a shy, introverted young lady still in the schoolroom, of around the same age as Lydia, and like Lydia, she almost elopes with Wickham. The two fifteen-year- olds couldn't be more different, but they are connected by this common thread. Georgiana is the "good" girl, and because of that, she is spared Lydia's fate. That, and the accidental arrival of Darcy just before the elopement.

But compare the two girls and you'll see that Georgiana may be good, but she doesn't have much of a say in the novel -- she quite literally hardly ever speaks. She lives in the shadow of her brother.

THE DARCY COUSINS is about Miss Darcy's sudden rebellion. Rebellions hardly happen without a context, and in this novel the impetus is provided by the arrival of Miss Clarissa Darcy from Boston. Now Clarissa has a very unique approach to life, society, and young gentlemen, and slowly, under her assistance, Georgiana begins to find a voice. Well, it's about time the Darcy spirit manifests in her!

Meanwhile, the two young ladies witness another side of Miss Darcy's other cousin, Anne de Bourgh.

Overall, rebellion seems to be the order of the day in THE DARCY COUSINS. Throw in two lively young gentlemen and you have a recipe for a few sparks, and for a touch of romance.

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"The twists and turns Ms. Fairview takes us on are a journey unto itself... A fun loving story, with characters who pop and come alive on the pages. A unique and engaging approach.History Undressed

"Another gem from Monica Fairview... The Darcy Cousins is full of witty dialogue that I'm coming to expect from Fairview. The characters – new and old – are three dimensional in their personalities. And again, Fairview takes few liberties in the characters of Pride and Prejudice. Their characters are as true as they are in the original novel." Readin' and Dreamin' 

"Monica Fairview’s talent continues to bring us well-rounded characters, entertaining and dramatic dialogue, and well-weaved plots." November's Autumn 

“The pace of this book is lively with numerous twists and turns and the writing is exceptional… This is highly recommended reading for all Jane Austen fans who will come to admire and applaud Ms Fairview’s well written prose! Bravo!” CK2s Kwips and Kritiques 

"I greatly enjoy how Ms. Fairview, while creating two characters that are completely unique from Darcy and Elizabeth, follows the Pride and Prejudice formula for romance - from dislike and misunderstanding to recognition and love - just as she did in The Other Mr. Darcy." Alexa Adams, Austenesque author

“it is hard to think about what I did not like in The Darcy Cousins… Well, I did want Lady Catherine to stick around and appear on every page… I hope Monica Fairview does not mind. I laughed quite a bit.” I Love To Read

"A very humorous and delightful story about the goings on in and around Rosings Park, London and Hunsford, among other locations... it was fun to read and I had a hard time putting this book down... I especially liked the character of Anne."CelticLady's Reviews 

“a book full of surprises… true to the Regency era, yet at the same time brimming with strong women…" Regency author Linda Banche

Historical fiction readers will LOVE this story with its witty repartee and descriptions of a time long past. Best Romance Stories

"I applaud the way in which the times are brought to vibrant life... Very highly recommended for everybody who likes a good historical novel." Rachel A Hyde, My Shelf 

 “The characters of the two main love interests for the young ladies were a delight and left me in stitches ... I laughed out loud several times throughout this read and after reading this second continuation by Fairview she is now my favorite Austen-inspired author outside of Georgette Heyer.” The Burton Review 

"Delightful and charming... It was great to have a story with Georgiana being so in depth and full of spirit, and I found myself greatly enjoying her debates with Mr. Gately.” Muse in the Fog 

"It's such a pleasure to follow Georgiana Darcy while she copes with her American cousin ... A feast of fun and entertainment to the reader." Between the Pages

“a breath of fresh air… The Darcy Cousins truly was an amazing read that I could not put down… If you are a fan of Pride & Prejudice you will fall in love with the characters and storyline.” Renee’s Reviews

"Another excellent follow on to Pride and Prejudice that maintains the integrity of the original characters while moving the story of their lives forward." A Curious Statistical Anomaly

The Darcy Cousins Hale Edition

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