The Other Mr. Darcy

A truth most astonishing to know -- if you have not yet read The Other Mr. Darcy -- is that the heroine of that novel is none other than Miss Caroline Bingley. 

Why Miss Bingley?

"Why Miss Bingley?" you may ask, a frown marring your brow. Does she even deserve to become a heroine, after her behavior in Pride and Prejudice?

My answer, dear reader is, "Why not?"

Why not? What did she do in Pride and Prejudice that places her beyond the possibility of redemption? That renders her so beyond the pale that we cannot forgive her, let alone see her as a human being, with human needs and human flaws?

Miss Bingley's Shameful Conduct

Let us look at the sins she commits, sins, I may remind you, that make her sink beyond reproach.
  • She tries to win Darcy's affection.
  • She flatters Darcy in a despicably clumsy way.
  • She does not call on Jane when Jane is in London, and thus makes it impossible for Jane to see Bingley.
  • She badmouths Lizzy to Darcy.
All these things are most terrible, heinous crimes from which no person could ever be absolved.
Really? But what if her behavior can be explained? 

But Miss Bingley Tries to Steal Darcy!

  • Caroline Bingley tries to win Darcy's affection: how very dreadful. Even worse, she actually has the affrontary to wish to marry him. Well, she isn't the only one. There are probably about a million young ladies out there who would be breaking down the door trying to get Darcy, if they got anywhere near him. Must admit I'm a bit of a fan myself ; )
  • Caroline Bingley flatters Darcy in a sycophantic, rather pathetic way, such as making comments about his handwriting, his sister's talents, and others such trivialities. Now if it were me, I would do it in a less gauche manner. I would flatter him much more subtly and choose my moments better. Yes, she really is more awkward socially than I would have thought. 
  • Miss Bingley treats Jane badly. At Netherfield she invites her and seems to be very friendly, but then all of a sudden she gives her the cold shoulder, especially in London. How do you explain that? Clearly, she suddenly realizes that her brother is in danger of falling in love with Jane, and she would rather have him marry Georgiana, so when she marries Darcy, they can all belong to the same family. Yes -- that is certainly how things look. But when Colonel Fitzwilliam reveals -- quite by mistake -- that it was in fact Darcy who was responsible for dragging Bingley away to London, and Darcy who admits -- quite unrepentantly, it must be said -- that he made sure Bingley did not come to know that Jane was in London. Do we continue to blame Miss Bingley still?
  • She badmouths Lizzy to Darcy. Perhaps the 

is to blame?

    Miss Bingley Lost Mr. Darcy

    Come on, everybody. Really, what did she do that was so very bad? 

    I personally feel bad for her because she didn't get her Mr. Darcy. Perhaps, just perhaps, if Lizzy hadn't shown up and turned Darcy's heart to mush, Miss Bingley might have had a chance. Do you blame her for wanting to hold on to him? Come on now, be honest.

    Miss Bingley lost Mr. Darcy. That is a pretty awful thing to happen. So I would like to give her a second chance at happiness. 
    Hence, THE OTHER MR DARCY. Yes, she does get another chance. 

    Please feel free to disagree. Feel free to vent about how awful you think Caroline is.

    And feel free to defend her, too.

    But remember -- one of the fun aspects of  THE OTHER MR DARCY is getting to know the Other Mr. Darcy.

    To read a sample of THE OTHER MR. DARCY click here.

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