Dangerous Magic: RELEASE DAY!

 Finally, the day I've been waiting for! 

It seems  seems like I've been waiting forever for DANGEROUS MAGIC: A PRIDE AND PREJUDICE to come out. I wrote this novel last year, during lockdown, and I wanted to escape to a kingdom far, far away.  What better place to escape to than Jane Austen's England -- don't we all love to go there? -- except that this Regency world has the added element of magic. As you can see on the book cover, I have a golden coach at the top. It's a symbol of her journey away from the comfort of Longbourn and to a new life that is full of challenges, opportunities and -- danger. 

One upon a time, a young lady -- Elizabeth Bennet -- was forced to marry a powerful magician. Since it is a truth universally acknowledged that all powerful magicians in England are in possession of a fortune, that should have been reason for celebration. but Elizabeth Bennet did not like to be forced to do anything. Moreover, Mr. Darcy was most definitely not in need of a wife. He was in need of a fellow magician who would unite with him to defeat Napoleon's magicians, and he was not happy about having to a) being obliged to marry a nobody from a place no-one had ever heard of, b) having to work in close quarters with a young lady who did not have the same illustrious education he had.

As might be expected of such a mismatch, things go wrong very quickly.  

Luckily, this is a magical tale, so magic happens. The question is, can Elizabeth and Darcy learn to weave magic together before Napoleon's magicians attack? And will they find love along the way?

Let the enchantment begin!  

Excerpts from DANGEROUS MAGIC can be found on my website here, where you will find the Prologue, and on Jane Austen Variations here.

There are also lots of giveaways along the way on my blog tour,  if you'd like a chance to win a copy. To find out more about the blog tour, you can check out my website.   


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