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My new Austen Variation: Mysterious Mr. Darcy

I'm gearing up for the release of Mysterious Mr. Darcy, my new 'what-if' Pride & Prejudice variation. I'm really eager to get this one out, because I have a feeling people will enjoy it. It's my favorite Darcy novel so far.

Here's a discription, to give you a sense of what it's about.

Three years after the original events of Pride & Prejudice, Darcy receives a visit in his isolated manor in Cornwall. It is Charles Bingley, and he has come to ask for a favour… There is nothing Elizabeth Bennet likes more than a laugh – except for a mystery. From the moment she first encounters Mr. Darcy, she senses he is hiding something. But the more she tries to find out about who he is, the more evasive he becomes. However, Elizabeth soon turns her attention to someone else. As Mrs. Bennet points out, Mr. Darcy is a nobody, and Elizabeth needs to marry someone who can provide for her and her sisters. Meanwhile, Mr. Darcy doesn’t want anyone to know about the scand…

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