Return of the Native -- I'm back!

There's something to be said about coming home.

Of course, I haven't left my wonderful friends at Austen Authors behind. On the contrary. After almost a year together I couldn't do without them. You can still find me there, but I'll be travelling hither and thither, dipping a big toe here, a big toe there (and some little ones, too).

Not much of a landscape
I haven't chosen my toes metaphor randomly. In fact, toes are rather important to me at the moment, since I broke my leg and had it suspended in a cast right in front of me for a long time. This gave me time to contemplate the universe and the nature of toes. It was the first time I wondered why we have toenails (other than for something to paint), and why they didn't disappear some time during our evolution, since we hardly hang by our toenails any more. Nor do we use them to fight (like claws), to dig the ground for grub, or make holes to bury our cache of nuts. You'd think nature would have done away with them by now. After all, if our tails -- which were considerably bigger -- could drop off, why not our toenails?
Not my toes, alas!

I suppose they may function as protection. Remember the last time you dropped that hammer on your toes? Lucky you had toenails or it would have been a lot worse.

Still, they weren't any use when I broke my leg, so we're back to the original question.

As you can see, during my absence I have been engaged in extremely profound reflections.


  1. I loved it. I hope you're healing up well and on the walking path to recovery.

  2. Thanks, suzan! Appreciate you dropping by to say hello :)


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