Just for fun -- getting into the Halloween Spirit

I was putting together the ingredients to make pumpkin cream cheese muffins and I wondered about something I didn't think about before which was: The essence of Halloween is dressing up as something you're not, right? It's also associated with pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns, right.

So Cinderella has to be the perfect Halloween story. A pumpkin that magically transforms into a carriage, and a young woman in rags who impersonates a princess. Strange, really, when you think about it. Was Cinderella meant to be a Halloween story? Apparently not, not when you look at the origins.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share a children's Halloween poem I wrote a while ago and pushed to the bottom of my bottomless drawer of scribbles.

If you'd like to share, please do, but don't forget to mention my name and link back to this blog : )

Halloween Poem

by Monica Fairview

Wandering down the ghoulish street

looking for a trick or treat

past the cobwebs, high and low

white ghosts flying to and fro

jack-a-lanterns all a-glowing

orange lights from windows flowing

skeletons wave their arms to me

trying to tell their mystery

all in all it’s quite a sight

walking on this moonlit night


What’s that sound? A gurgled scream

I think I heard it in a dream

that green-skinned monster with bulging eyes

is far too real for a disguise

A black-caped Dracula blocks my way

with blood on his fangs he starts to say:

“I am a vampire….” but I don’t listen

everything around me starts to glisten

It isn’t a dream, it’s a spell

the peaceful street is turned to hell

I quickly dodge a looming witch

who’s trying to hit me with a switch

And ugly goblins behind a tree

prepare themselves to pounce on me

A hideous spider grabs my shoulder

but lo and behold, I’m getting bolder

I spin around and start to spar

with karate kicks I become a star

the monsters scatter in all directions

leaving behind all their confections

Then everything’s quiet and all I see

is trick-and-treaters just like me

with mothers and fathers and sisters, too

it’s just like a friendly kind of zoo

with rabbits and cats and frogs and mice

all helping each other and being nice

with plenty of sweeties and fun for all

the crunch of leaves, the sound of fall

I call my Daddy, then hold his hand

I guide him through this magic land.

© Monica Fairview