Perspectives on Mr. Darcy

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As part of the month-long Austenesque Extravagnaza over at Austenesque Reviews, I've written a post for Spotlight Saturday along with a small challenge for those of you who like to see Mr. Darcy from different points of view. I'd be very happy to see you there -- I'm sure you can contribute a great deal to the discussion.


  1. Hi!

    I definitely had fun with your Austenesque challenge. I had to stop myself at a few sentences each or I'd have blathered on and on. Not quite so eloquently as Mr Collins, perhaps, but one has to have something to aspire to, right?

  2. MonicaP -- I loved your perspectives on Darcy! I'm happy that you rose to the challenge. I had a lot of fun seeing what people came up with. As for aspiring to Mr. Collins -- hmmm. Don't know what to say!! ;)

  3. Total sarcasm, believe me, about Mr Collins. Some people find him amusing; I am not one of those people.

    So, you have a new top-secret project in the works? I am all curiosity! You've already taken on Caroline Bingley, will Mr Collins be next? Lol please say no!

  4. I tend to share Mr. Bennet's perspective of Mr. Collins, so I do find him amusing, but he also gets on my nerves. He's not *likeable* nor redeemable -- unlike Miss Bingley.

    You can relax. I'm not writing about Mr. Collins.
    What I'm doing is something quite different from my other two Austenesque novels. All will be revealed!


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