Migrating to new blog

Hello everyone. I haven't been updating for several reasons. One of the main reasons is that I've been inundated with spam messages that keep coming in, which has been extremely frustrating. Thank goodness I set up the blog to intercept the comments!

The good news is that I've now joined a new blog especially set up for Jane Austen sequel enthusiasts, which includes many of your favourite Austenesque Authors (at least, it includes quite a few of mine). This means I'm going to be migrating over to the new blog, though I'll keep this blog here for the time being. We'll be coming live on September 6th, so make sure to drop in on that day to see what's in store for you! I'm sure you'll find everything your Austenesque heart could wish for.



  1. Sorry to hear about the spam! I cannot wait for September 6th!


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