Proofs and Covers for The Darcy Cousins

Today I received the proofs for The Darcy Cousins, my second book in the Darcy Cousins series, and I'm thrilled, as it means it will soon be time for the novel to be released in the USA. The date is set for April 1st, which isn't an April's fool trick (I hope).

Here's the Sourcebooks cover:

Quite a change from The Other Mr Darcy, isn't it? I love the young lady in the foreground. She has very expressive eyes.

Many people are under the mistaken impression that writers decide what they want on their book covers. The truth of the matter is that many writers have little control over what goes on the cover of their books.

At Sourcebooks, however, I was lucky enough to have had some imput, which is why we now have a young lady on the front. The original cover was like this:

I must say, this cover is quite lovely. It captures the playfulness of the novel really well. I especially like the colors. But the costumes weren't right.

Since it would have been impossible to redesign the cover entirely at this stage (and in the book industry, time is always short) the thoughtful young lady was introduced.

The Robert Hale version (UK) of the novel couldn't be more different. This cover uses original artwork from the artist/book designer:

Isn't the piano wonderful? And I love the sense of conspiracy between the two young women, with the young regency gentlemen strolling casually in the background.

Both covers are based on a scene in the novel where a group of young people go for a boat ride on the Thames at Richmond.

What do you think?


  1. Beautiful covers!! While the group of people looks very picturesque, I love how pensive the lady looks. I look forward to reading about a boat scene, sounds fun!

  2. I have to say I like them all, so that was no help?? Can't wait to read this one....

  3. I love the inclusion of the lady on the redone cover and look forward to reading the book. Her presence makes the cover look more in keeping with The Other Mr. Darcy. Sourcebooks does a lovely job with their artwork. I especially like how they frequently use a matte base with glossy effects, details that unfortunately don't translate well online.

  4. Thank you all for your feedback and enthusiasm. I agree that having the young woman there fits well with The Other Mr Darcy. And yes, the covers look much better "in the flesh", so to speak. The Hale Books are very impressive looking as well -- they're made of very good quality paper and the jackets are high gloss.

    I can't wait to hear what you think of The Darcy Cousins!

  5. I have a challenge category that is P&P sequels and this would be perfect for it. I'll keep my eyes open.

    Cheli's Shelves

  6. Cheli -- glad to hear you're thinking of The Darcy Cousins for your challenge and I hope you meet your goals. I love the idea of participating in the challenge, but my reading is too erratic, since it depends what I need to research.

    Hi Laura, great to see you here.

  7. Both covers are lovely Monica - but I am partial to the Sourcebooks color scheme and the original artwork on the Hale cover. Best of luck. They should cath buyers eyes either way.


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