Newsflash! The Other Mr Darcy is a Desert Isle Keeper on All About Romance!

Just wanted to share this exhilerating news with everyone:

The Other Mr Darcy was given the much coveted title of DIK (Desert Isle Keeper) on the romance site All About Romance, along with a super-great review.

If you want to see one reader's visual interpretation of Robert Darcy, check out Laura's at The Calico Critic. I love it!

Her blog is also one of the few remaining opportunities to win a free copy of The Other Mr Darcy. Only three days left!

I'd also like to thank Laura for the Creativ Blogger award she gave me (on the right) for the Pride and Prejudice month-long questions. I'm very flattered.


  1. Monica:

    No, I'M honored that you would mention my site! So glad you liked the review. I enjoyed your work and hope that one day we'll see Dr. McDreamy on the screen as Robert!

    And just to make sure everyone doesn't miss out, the deadline for the The Other Mr Darcy giveaway is tomorrow, November 14th at 11:59pm EST.

    Have a great weekend!

    Laura Hartness

  2. What a great choice for Robert Darcy! What a great picture of him on your site! *sigh*


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