Men in (Casual) Regency Regimentals, and news snippets

For a fun thing today, I thought I'd redirect you to Regency historical writer Jo Beverley's website, where she has photos with young men in (admittedly casual) Regency-era Regimentals, just to give you a sense of what Lydia Bennet was ogling when she was chasing after the officers in Meryton. Can't blame Lydia, really.

Some news items
I'm very pleased to let you know that The Other Mr Darcy was number one in the category Regency Romance on yesterday. I should add that Amazon represents a very small share in book sales, but still, I'm really amazed (no pun intended)! (Please wait as I do a little jig)

There is still a chance to win a copy of The Other Mr Darcy out there at Mary Simonsen's blog. Mary Simonsen is a long term Jane Austen fan fiction writer whose Austen inspired novel Searching for Pemberley will be published by Sourcebooks in December 2009. I encountered Mary several times here on my blog during the Jane Austen discussions last month.


  1. Oh! Thanks for the links! Love the pictures.

    Yay! It may only be a small share, but that's still exciting!

  2. It is exciting. Thank you kt and Laura for your support!


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