Positive Reviews for The Other Mr Darcy

Well, launch time is approaching, and to help me celebrate, I've started seeing some positive and insightful responses. I love the variety of approaches people have. It just goes to show how individualistic the act of reading is.

Becky Laney over at Becky's Book Reviews says it made her smile, and found it "a surprisingly delightful read."

Gayle Surrette from A Curious Statistical Anomaly analyses Caroline's transformation and concludes that The Other Mr Darcy is "a worthy addition" to Austenesque sequels.

Rachel A Hyde at MyShelf enjoyed the historical background, the tone of the novel, and the characters from P&P. "Settle down to enjoy some excellent descriptions of house parties, carriage travel, balls and of course the company of most of the characters from the original novel," she says.

I was also thrilled to discover I've been reviewed in Library Journal. Jane Jorgenson, from Madison P.L., spoke of "the familiar and beloved characters from Pride and Prejudice" that appear in the novel, and found the romance "heart-warming and charming."