Monica Fairview Featured on Two Austen Blogs

I'm having fun these days exploring the world of cyberspace with tweets, faces (why doesn't facebook have a verb? Facebooking? Bookfacing?), and blogs, though I admit my writing is suffering. In fact, my writing is pathetic. Still, it's lovely to be out there, meeting people with similar interests, and puzzling out the diverse and divergent remarks that you encounter. Nothing can be more different than the world of Regency England with its well regulated rules of conduct. On Seesmic, one reencounters the Tower of Babel, a chaos of words flowing through the screen as hundreds of minds share clipets of their thoughts. Yet somehow, we make sense of it all, a tribute to the power of language.

It's an addiction. I will have to withdraw for a while in order to write.

But meanwhile I'm delighted to be featured on not one but two Jane Austen Blogs. The first is as a guest blogger on Jane Austen Today, where I blog about Georgette Heyer's Little Sophy(??)

And then there is the thrilling moment every writer looks forward to once a new book is out: The First Review. This review was particularly exciting because in it I played the role of a fairy godmother to a Cinderella, which is rather a nice role to play, and very appropriate, I think. To work out why I'm talking about fairy tales, head over to Austenprose and Laurel Ann's very skilful review of The Other Mr Darcy.