The Other Mr Darcy: Four Days to release day!!

Only four days left until the official launch! Hurray! I've already prepared the champaign bottles, and I'm ready to go!

They're predicting balmy, stormy weather for Sunday 30th. I suppose that fits in with a certain part of the novel when our heroine and hero realise to their dismay that "the rain was hurtling down in heavy torrents, and the ground was a treacherous mire of pools and flowing waters."

There is another part in the novel when it is raining. Lydia complains that the rain will never end.

"I have to agree with you, Lydia," said Mr Bennet, looking up. "I think it very likely that it will continue to rain until the whole world is flooded and we will be forced to ride in an ark. But I wonder if you will be allowed on it?"

How would you feel about being the only person on the ark with the Bennet family?

If you haven't ordered your copy yet, you still have four days to make the best of the pre-release discounts. The Other Mr Darcy is available in the UK with free postage at Waterstones, Robert Hale, and, and for those of you across the world, The Book Depository has a discount and free shipping as well.