Pride & Prejudice and the Zombies/Predators: Why?

Why? That has been the question in my mind for some time.

Why does someone like Elton John, who surely does not need the fame, fund a film to be produced by his company Rocket Pictures featuring Elizabeth and the alien Predators? http://http//

And why does P&P and the Zombies have so much appeal that it creeps up very close to number one on [apart from the writing, of course, and the original idea -- I do like a dagger-wielding Eliza]

And why do I have the feeling there will be more?

I have pondered this question at length, being one of those admittedly (prejudiced) odd people who like P&P because it is calm, soothing, and without monsters of any kind (unless you count Darcy -- OK, OK, just a joke!). Fortunately, I read a review a couple of days ago which does -- sort of -- answer my question Now I can ponder something else...