The Other Mr Darcy UK edition

In 30 days the UK hardcover edition of The Other Mr Darcy will be out. For those of you in the USA, don't despair. Sourcebooks will be bringing out a USA edition in October, so you'll be able to get hold of a copy not too long after the first edition comes out. For those of you who can't wait -- because The Other Mr Darcy really provides a unique and new perspective on Pride and Prejudice -- the UK edition is available with free shipping anywhere in the world from The Book Depository. Don't you love them?

Meanwhile, I'm working hard to deliver the next novel in the Darcy series, which will be coming out next Spring 2010.


  1. Hi Monica, am anxiously awaiting delivery of The Other Mr. Darcy. Congrats on the US publication.

    Cheers, Laurel Ann

  2. Hi Laurel Ann,

    It'll be coming your way! Hope you enjoy it.


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