First Review of Mr. Darcy's Challenge on The Ardent Reader

It's exciting and nerveracking  to read about people's initial impressions when a novel you've written has first been published and I'm very happy with my first review on The Ardent Reader.

Here are some choice quotes from the review

Being a continuation of the first book, I was anxious to get started! We left Darcy in a precarious place and I just had to know what happened next! Well, I was floored! This book is an emotional roller coaster that you will want to ride again and again!
Monica Fairview has a way with our favorite characters! She brings out the best and worst in them and makes me love them all over again! 

I highly recommend this set of books to any Jane Austen lover! I know I will read them again and again!

Sounds enthusiastic, wouldn't you agree? Now you know why I'm happy!