It boggles the writer's imagination

Loved this picture at  Just For Social Networkerz so had to re-post. It appeals to my writer's imagination. It seems like a map of my mind -- with all the gaps in it that I'm always wanting to fill.

borrowed from Just for Social Networkerzzz
I love those empty spaces -- the in-betweens, so to speak (nothing to do with the film by the same name) -- the ones you have to work to bridge. Because that's what writing is all about. It's about seeing something missing it, and wanting to fill that void with pictures or images. That's how Jane Austen sequels work. We spot something missing in Jane Austen's narrative, or we want to take a character further, or we are struck by something that a character didn't say or articulate fully, and we want to furnish it ourselves.

Jumping across empty spaces has its pluses. But the writer is like a chivalrous gentleman who offers his cloak to enable the lady to cross the puddle without getting wet. We weave something to fill the gap and enable others to cross enjoyably.

Okay, this is very fanciful for a Monday morning. So I'll just say I really loved the photo and leave the rest to your imagination.